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Plan your Valentines day with Giftease.com

Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love and cherish old memories, has always held a special place in our hearts. While looking for an old rug in my closet, I found an old jacket that was custom-made one. My boyfriend had gifted me that one on our first Valentine’s Day. I became nostalgic! The memories of all the wonderful things that unfolded in our years of dating were still afresh.

Plan your Valentines day with Giftease _2015
Plan your Valentines day with Giftease

Amidst all these thoughts, I remembered that Valentine’s Day was just a few weeks away! Due to all my business travel and meetings, I hardly found time to arrange for a vacation for us. And now it was too late to plan any of it! Reservations at the premium hotels were already closed. So, here it is! I had a bad feeling about this Valentine’s Day. I didn’t have any plans and wasn’t left with enough time to plan anything.

Though I believe in traditional dating ideas, this time around I decided to turn to everyone’s agony aunt, the Internet for ideas! I looked online for Valentine’s Day gifts on various search engines. Though I am not a great fan of material gifts, this time around I have to look for such options. Most of the websites I came across displayed the same old gifting options like wallets, watches, pens, apparels, accessories, and the like. I found it really depressing to find the same ideas on few websites, and decided to end my search.

Personalized Poster

While I was discussing this topic with a co-worker of mine at work, she suggested to look for gifts on Giftease. She has been a regular buyer from the website, and was all praises for the variety that was on display. She mentioned that if I was looking for quirky Valentine’s Day gifts, then I should look no further.

Though I was a bit skeptical, I decided to search the website for some unique Valentine’s Day gifts. To my surprise, they had a variety of gifting options that could suit anyone’s pocket. The more I started to look around, the most fascinated I was. Though I am not a huge fan of personalized gifts, the chocolates on their website immediately caught my attention.

I had finally found a gift that I could personalize and play around with, when it finally arrives! I immediately ordered it with a message that read ‘mad about you’, and got a great discount on it too. Now that I had the chocolate in place, I coupled it with a personalized poster that included a cozy picture of ours.

Within no time, I had two gifts lined up for my boyfriend. Being the love-struck creature in our relationship, I wasn’t done yet. As I had ordered personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for him, I decided to continue the idea in the decoration as well. I made small posters with our pictures on it along with the date they were clicked. Each picture had a story associated with it and I wrote each one of it on those posters.

Personalized Coffee Mug

On Valentine’s Day, I stuck them on the bedroom wall in the sequence that they had occurred. So, I had an entire storyboard created on our relationship! Strangely, this idea never struck me all this while. Anyways, better late than never! As soon as my boyfriend entered the room, he was awestruck. He carefully read the message that I had written on each of the poster. Finally when he reached the final one, I handed over the gift that I had ordered from Giftease.

He was speechless! The entire decoration had taken him by surprise. All he did was to plant a long, really long kiss on my lips…One that I will remember for the rest of my life!

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